SFI Marketing

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I recently joined this website called SFI marketing. With SFI marketing you get paid to promote their products. You also get paid to refer members to their website. You get about 2$ for every member who signs up for free. Apart from that you also get a percentage of your referrals earnings as comission. Payments are made by paypal or by cheque. It is free to create a paypal account. Click here to create a paypal account I am convinced that this website is not a scam as the person who referred me showed me proof that he has earned over 400$ in a month. Another guy showed me that he has earned over 6000$ in a month. You can see both proof of payments by clicking on the above pictures. Also SFI is open to people from any country.
Click here to join SFI marketing. Of all the above programs mentioned this has the highest earning capacity. If you have any questions about these programs do email me at muralikumar2005@gmail.com